Natural Family Planning
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Resources referenced in the Standard Days Method and TwoDay Method courses can be downloaded here in English and Spanish.

Standard Days Method (SDM)

Standard Days Method Webinar Resources

Standard Days Method Webinar Practicum Component

Option 1 - Teaching the Method to a Couple

  • SDM Option 1 Practicum Description ENGLISH|SPANISH
  • SDM Option 1 Practicum Self Evaluation ENGLISH|SPANISH

Option 2 - Group Information Session

  • SDM Option 2 Practicum Description ENGLISH|SPANISH
  • SDM Option 2 Practicum Self Evaluation ENGLISH|SPANISH
  • Information Session Lesson Plans ENGLISH|SPANISH


Provider & Client Materials

TwoDay Method

TwoDay Method Webinar Resources

TwoDay Method Webinar Practicum Component

  • TwoDay Method Practucm Description ENGLISH|SPANISH
  • TwoDay Method Practicum Self Evaluation ENGLISH|SPANISH


  • Efficacy of the new TwoDay Method of family planning, Fertility and Sterility ENGLISH|SPANISH
  • TwoDay Method Field Note ENGLISH|SPANISH
  • TwoDay Method Fact Sheet ENGLISH|SPANISH

Provider & Client Materials