TwoDay Method®

The TwoDay Method® is a fertility awareness-based method of family planning that uses cervical secretions to indicate fertility.

A woman using the TwoDay Method checks for cervical secretions at least once a day. If she notices secretions of any type, color, or consistency either "today" or "yesterdays," she considers herself fertile. A woman can use a simple card to help her keep track of the days she has secretions.



  • 96% effective in preventing pregnancy with correct use, 86% with typical use.

  • Women with cycles of any length can use this method.

  • No costs and/or supplies are needed.

  • Natural and has no side effects.

  • Easy to teach, use and learn.

  • Teaches the woman and her spouse about her body and fertility.

  • A couple can start using the TwoDay Method at any time, regardless of where the woman is in her menstrual cycle.