Using the TwoDay Method

How does TwoDay Method work?

A woman checks for secretions daily as soon as her menstrual bleeding stops. Secretions are anything that the woman perceives as coming from her vagina, except menstrual bleeding.

A woman may feel moisture at the opening of her vagina or see secretions on toilet paper, her underpants, or her finger.

Secretions generally start a few days after her period stops. Once secretions start they continue for several days in a row followed by days without secretions.

If she does not notice secretions today AND yesterday (two consecutive days without secretions), pregnancy is unlikely.

If she notices secretions either today OR yesterday, pregnancy is likely today. She must avoid sex on those days to avoid pregnancy.

How to check for secretions

A woman can check for secretions by touching their genital area with clean fingers or toilet paper, observing secretions in her underpants, or feeling their presence.

Often, when a woman starts the method she relies on seeing or touching her secretions, but as she becomes more familiar with paying attention to her secretions, she will learn what they 'feel' like.

Recording Secretions

The woman should check for secretions at least twice a day in the afternoon and before she goes to bed. One way to keep track of her secretions is to mark on a 'recording card' (left).

She should mark the presence or absence of secretions on the recording card each night and determine if she is fertile TODAY by asking herself "Did I have secretions today?" and "Did I have secretions yesterday?". If she had secretions on either day, she should consider herself fertile.

Click to download a copy of the Client Recording Card.